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Khem Wins Big Bookings Gains In Las Vegas


Khem Babbar bought the Best Western Plus in Henderson, Nevada in 2010. It was an ideal location—minutes from the famous Las Vegas Strip, Lake Mead, and less than an hour from Hoover Dam. In addition to its central location, the hotel offered customers dining, meeting facilities, and fully equipped rooms at a fraction of the price that hotels on the Vegas Strip were offering. Despite the great location and amenities, Khem soon discovered a huge hurdle to his hotel’s success.

At the time, the Henderson Best Western had a poor online presence. Khem used an agency to manage his website. Making any changes to the site took the agency too long and cost Khem an arm and a leg. Khem also hired an SEO consultant, but didn’t see much uptick in web traffic. Plus, the consultant didn’t offer great analytics. Khem spent over $1000 per month, but didn’t have a lot to show for it.




In order to compete with other hotels, Khem decided that he needed a better solution. He sought a digital marketing strategy that not only drove traffic to the property’s website and increased bookings, but was also easy to manage.

Khem chose BookingSuite. On the new website’s very first day live, it attracted nearly one hundred visitors—more visitors than the site received in the entirety of the previous month. Since then, visits and looks have increased four times.

BookingSuite’s BackOffice software saves Khem hundreds of dollars each month by bringing together design, SEO, and content management capabilities in one convenient platform. He no longer has to deal with the usual delays and high costs of using vendors. Now, Khem controls the fate of his property’s digital marketing.

“Customers always comment on our site looking good. But I don’t need people to tell me the site looks good, it is good! And our numbers don’t lie,” Khem said, “Across the board, visits and looks have increase over four times thanks to BookingSuite.”

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