Balgownie Estate Vineyard Resort & Spa

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Sky-High ROI at Gerald’s Australian Resort


Balgownie Estate Vineyard Resort & Spa planted its first vines in 1969 in Yarra Valley in southeast Australia, and now features guest suites, a conference centre, a restaurant, a spa, a cellar door and more. Gerald has been managing Balgownie for three and a half years as General Manager and handles all of Balgownie’s digital marketing.

As an experienced digital marketer, Gerald had a clear vision of what he wanted for Balgownie’s accommodation website. First, he wanted a website that looked and felt like a hoteling website. Second, he wanted a template format that could express the Balgownie identity and gave guests an opportunity to book at every turn and was able to present information in a clear and precise way. Third, he wanted a responsive design so that the website displayed properly on all devices. Finally, he wanted to be able to track and trace inquiries.




An added bonus of using the BookingSuite platform is the booking engine. Previously, Gerald had to pay monthly fees to use his booking engine, channel manager, and other vendors, but with BookingSuite, he has been able to integrate a booking engine that is easy to update and makes guests feel like they are still on the hotel’s website.

Since joining BookingSuite, Balgownie Estate has jumped to the third organic spot on Google for “weddings Yarra Valley” from the sixth page before joining BookingSuite. Even better, for “cellar doors Yarra Valley,” the property ranks rank second organically, above the largest wine producer for the area, which led Gerald to say:

“I’ve never been involved in a system that has made SEO A) free and B) so effective.”


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