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Mobile phones have taken over our lives. Over 3 billion people now own a smartphone, which they use to chat with friends, navigate through cities, share pictures of cats, smash rows of colorful candy – and book accommodations.

That’s right! When it comes to mobile phones, the travel industry—your industry—is past the point of no return. Today, more than half of all travel bookings involve a mobile device at some point, whether for research or making reservations. And one in every three hotel bookings is made on a mobile device.

Why a mobile-responsive website is essential in today’s market

But here’s the thing – mobile users are impatient. They won’t wait around for your website to load, they won’t read through tons of text, and they definitely won’t end up booking through any site that looks unprofessional. With a tap of their finger, they’ll log on to another website or close their browser. And that’s one more potential guest lost forever.

Just look at the numbers – 77% of users immediately leave any website that isn’t mobile optimized. But with a mobile-friendly website like the ones made by BookingSuite, you can slash that number in half. All sites built by our experts are mobile-responsive, so you can reach twice as many potential guests.

We’re inviting you to our next webinar

To help you get your numbers in place and attract more of that huge market (half the world’s travelers, remember?), we’re inviting you to our next webinar on September 14. Optimizing your website for mobile devices is one of the key topics that BookingSuite’s website experts will be discussing, along with tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your property’s site.

You can join our experts for free using the link below. Hope to see you there!

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