Are Travel Agents Still A Thing?


There was once a time when you couldn’t book a flight without a travel agent. My, my, how times have changed… Increasingly, people are thrilled to be using travel sites such as Expedia, TripAdvisor, and to make their own travel arrangements cheaply, quickly, and from wherever the heck they like. Naturally, one would think […]

Best Practices For Property Website Video


Web visuals are becoming more and more complex. Interactive Street View maps, 3D graphics and, of course, videos galore. But online videos aren’t just for cat aficionados and GoPro showoffs. Video has also become a central eCommerce tool. Often, the online descriptions of everyday items such as shoes and tennis racquets are accompanied by short videos that highlight […]

Hotels That Make You Go BOO!


It’s that time of year again; what felt like a never-ending summer is finally over, fog fills the mornings and colorful leafs are decorating the sidewalks. With our pumpkin lattes in hand, we snuggle up in blankies and watch TV shows compulsively while we wait for Halloween to approach. We got so anxious last year, […]

Pumpkin Spice Overkill: Holiday Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

holiday hotel marketing

In an affront to gourds everywhere, this year my local chain coffee shop started steaming up Pumpkin Spice Lattes on a balmy August 27th. I remember when pumpkins were respected harbingers of autumn; humble gateway gourds to more exotic seasonal delights. These days, Cucurbita maxima is pimped out a solid three weeks before the equinox. Misplaced […]

What Guests Want Now: Personalization


Wouldn’t it be great if your airline and hotel automatically knew you were a window-seat lover who never checks bags, prefers a firm mattress, and Earl Grey over coffee? According to Skift, personalization in travel is quickly becoming something customers expect. They want unique experiences tailored to their priorities and preferences and control over their […]

Stronger Storytelling Boosts Bookings At Gerald’s Vineyard Resort


Balgownie Estate Vineyard Resort & Spa is located in the Yarra Valley, 50 minutes from Melbourne in southeast Australia. The property features guest suites, a conference center, a restaurant, a spa, a cellar door, and more. Gerald has been managing Balgownie for three and a half years as General Manager and handles all of Balgownie’s digital marketing. With a strong background in digital marketing and managing online presence, Gerald understands what he wants from a technology vendor—and he wasn’t getting what he wanted.

How To Post Like A Social Media Magnet

Social media magnets 2

Who doesn’t feel like the king of the universe when they scroll down their Twitter or Facebook feeds and see tons of likes, shares, and comments?

Social media is an effective way to engage with potential guests and has cemented itself as an important marketing channel, but far too many businesses, hotels included, either hand off their account to some young relative or ignore it altogether. In this post, we’ll cover best practices and creative tips to help you drive engagement on your social media channels like a pro.

Huzzah! Our First Castle Goes Live

Purschenstein Castle

We get so excited about every new property that goes live on our platform, we literally get up out of our chairs and start clapping. They are all incredibly special to us. However, there are a few properties that simply blow us away. Castle Hotel Purschenstein is one of those.  Why you might ask? Maybe you missed […]

TripAdvisor Application for Facebook

Hotel pool

TripAdvisor is a big part of the booking process for guests, and now your guests can leave a review directly on Facebook without visiting the main TripAdvisor site, thanks to the new TripAdvisor Facebook app! Can you say convenient? That is, convenient if you have a TripAdvisor business listing. Facebook is a huge part of […]

Get In The Know About 2014 Hotel Industry Trends


Have we told you recently how much we love data? We’re kind of obsessed. But not in a Howard-Hughes-obsessed-with-germs-wearing-Kleenex-boxes-on-our-feet sort of way. We’re obsessed in a good way—in a get stuff done, make informed decisions sort of way. We recently surveyed hundreds of travelers in addition to scouring our platform’s anonymous customer data. We obsessively analyzed […]