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A few years ago, the following quote did the rounds: “The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of the Google search results”.

Nobody can quite remember who coined the phrase, but it’s stuck. And you know what? Regardless of the macabre phrasing, they have a point.


People just don’t click beyond the first page – less than one in ten, in fact. Either your website appears on the first page of search results, or it might as well not exist. But how to get your property onto that coveted first page?

Why your website’s design affects sales more than you’d think

Google – and other search engines – have complex, mysterious algorithms that reward the pages people want to use. After all, they want their users to find what they’re looking for. One of the factors in determining the usefulness of a page is what’s called ‘bounce rate’. This refers to how long people spend on a page once they’ve clicked on it. The longer they spend on it, the more useful it’s deemed to be, and the higher it’ll appear on the search results next time round.

If you want to keep people on your website, you need to make sure the design is up to scratch. That means a super-clear layout, easy-to-navigate menus, intuitive click paths, beautiful photos – and plenty more besides. If it’s clean, clear and intuitive, you’ve got a far better chance of keeping users on your page for longer. Not only will that increase your chances of getting bookings, but it’ll also keep your bounce rate low – meaning you’ll be more likely to be found on search engines by the next people looking for somewhere to stay in your area.

BookingSuite’s websites use tried and tested design templates that keep your bounce rates low, and your search ranking high. To find out more about how our professional websites can help your business stay on top, check out our recorded webinar video. Some of the tips and tricks covered by our marketing expert include using search engines like Google to your advantage.

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